Growing up is hard to do. As a 24 year old, just starting out in the working world, being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma can be a big blow. Here's my attempt at putting it behind me as smoothly as possible.

31 October, 2006


I had my +9 month PET scan and now begins the longest week ever waiting for the results. I get them next Tuesday (Novemeber 7th) along with my bloodwork results. I still don't know whether I'm optimistic or not, I come and go. I really just want to know what the deal is and get on with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's been forever since I've read your blog. You are in my thoughts. My fingers are crossed. No matter what the outcome is, you've proven yourself to be a fighter and you will fight this. You are bigger than cancer. If you need anything, email or call me.
Susie W.

10:40 a.m.


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