Growing up is hard to do. As a 24 year old, just starting out in the working world, being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma can be a big blow. Here's my attempt at putting it behind me as smoothly as possible.

31 August, 2006

+6 Months

Well, I've been delaying making this post because I really don't know what to say. I got my results last Tuesday (August 22nd) and my PET scan shows 2 nodes with metabolic activity in it. So basically there are two options here:

1. It's just an infection/cold/whatever which is causing these 2 lymph nodes to do something.

2. The cancer is back.

I have to go back in 3 months and have another PET scan. If that scan comes back negative, then it's back to life as usual. I did have a cold the week or two before my scan, so maybe that caused the activity. If that one is positive again then we've got a pretty serious issue. A relapse in your first year (I'm only at 6 months) post chemo is pretty much a death sentence. Google it if you want to see some papers on it, but it's not good.

So, I'm kind of freaking out sometimes and then thinking it might be something else the other times. I'm always thinking about it though. This is going to be a long three months....


Blogger Sarah said...

Mike, you silly goof, a relapse within the first year is NOT a death sentence! It's a call for a stem cell transplant, which totally sucks (as I'm learning!) but it's a means to an end. The most important prognositic indicator going into an SCT is your response to the salvage chemo....NOT how long you were in remission. Yes, a sustainable remission greater than one year is another indicator, but seriously, the biggest thing they're looking at is your response to the ICE or other salvage chemo.

So it's not a death really is not.

But then, you've just had a positive result of a scan which is notorious for giving false positives. Stay positive!!! I know it's hard -- you know I've been there -- but you can't assume the worst or let the fear rule you. I'm not saying you're letting it rule you, but try to keep the freaking to a minimum because the odds are TOTALLY in your favor, ok? I wish I could give you a big hug, my friend. :)

9:29 a.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Sarah! It helps the rest of us helping him stay positive when we all can hear from someone like you. Mike, take it from yours truly (Lymphy) - *lots* of things can make those little critters flare up. ;)

8:55 a.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just came across the blog and will be checking back! I'm rooting for ya!!!! all the way from maryland! Stay strong and play positive to stay positive!

9:26 a.m.


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