Growing up is hard to do. As a 24 year old, just starting out in the working world, being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma can be a big blow. Here's my attempt at putting it behind me as smoothly as possible.

03 December, 2005

Halfway Done!

I have now finished number 6! They are definitely getting worse. I get this horrible taste in my mouth during the treatment and it hasn't really gone away. The nausea has been about average this time, but I'm getting very tired. Thursday I got up at 1:30pm and was back in bed by about 4pm. That would be an ideal day for me if I didn't have to do anything else!

I have one more treatment this year and then it's Christmas and Dave/Laura's wedding time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oi! Well, I'm glad to see ur still in good spirits!! YAY! for only one more this year! Well, as for the nausea., hell if they ever get the technology going for guys getting pregnant...hehe you'll have that mastered;) I'm glad to see ur still hangin in there!!

10:59 p.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say way to go and agree that the chemo taste is awful. You're going to make it!
--Julie from Lymphoma forums (the one who's been MIA for a while)

1:23 a.m.

Anonymous Sammy said...

Mike, do you also plan on celebrating other holidays? Like Kwanzaa and Hannukah? Glad to hear that your progress is going well!

7:11 p.m.


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